Curriculum planning

Special syllabus is prepared by the school for KG students which can surely develop the exclusive psycho motor skill, values and attitudes of kids.

Curriculum planning for classes from I to XII are being followed through pedagogical process in art education, health and physical education, life skill education and values education through the regular and continuous innovative practices introduced by the school faculties themselves with a view to infuse enthusiastic learning and foster the values, perversame,  self-confidence, love respect, hard work, self-discipline and responsibilities in student through curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Thus the school specific philosophy entails a constant lives learning experience with strong values, ethics and providing students with diverse array of academic and extracurricular facilities to help them excel in all spheres and the school matches international standards by creating a technically a superior and severe mileage

Thus this participatory method of teaching learning system helps the students to develop their social, mental, cognitive and physical abilities.

Although no kind of aid/grant is received from Govt. or local authority to meet its day to day expenses this school in running from the fees being collected from students. Fees are periodically revising in tune with the facilities provided by the management with a view to effect pragmatic transformation for curriculum and syllabus so as to enable the students to conceive the portions easily.

Teaching – learning process during the first half of the academic year 2020-21 is under online method for all classes. Curriculum transaction is going excellently. Academically competent activities like life skill, values etc., to be acquired by students. We have already arranged annual pedagogic plan equally in scholastic and co scholastic areas in tune with Hub of school decision. Experimental learning method including, art, sport, and ICT with curriculum as innovative way of learning Innovative learning to make teaching – learning process as joyful. A good lesson plan e-content use of Maths, and Science kit of CBSE are in use for 2020-21. Curriculum content is a bridge between classroom textual learning to life outside the school,to provide overall development of children. In short, the school curriculum 2021 is a nut shell of

  1. Facilitating students’ spiritual, ethical, social, mental moral and physical growth and development.
  2. Enhancing students innate potential
  3. Lesson plan for each students arranged under a specific learning outcome, topic learning contents pedagogical strategies, lessons of text books with activities experiments, remedial teaching plan. Interdisciplinary linkage infusion of core life skills, values, gender sensitivity etc. remedial teaching is also provided with a mutual understanding with parents.

With a view to enrich the community outreach among the students a flagship programme contained in the sector of Artificial intelligence is being introduced in this school to sensitize students about the importance and future in solar sector since there will be an acute scarcity of energy in the future and we may depend largely upon the solar energy and student felt its importance and excited about its generation. Future expectation in seeking s of can be meted out with the imparting of skill learning. We are also empowering the students with a vision of school global thinking to seek job in Robotics, space, science and generating energy through artificial learning subjects. In short the co scholastic and co- curricular imparting in this school are with the ultimate aims to reach the students as a global citizen on completion of class XII in the 18 and become an voter in the country. Briefly the school caters best possible education relating with innovation in pedagogy, 21st century learning skills experimental and active learning, integration of co-curricular areas such as arts, sports, skills, life skill and values in the main subjects and classroom assessment and social works through various club activities and scout and guide volunteer works

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